Trapeze aims to:

  • Empower you to better manage your condition as you move over to adult services
  • Strengthen your links with your GP and community to improve your health outcomes
  • Support and assist you to navigate the health system to improve your engagement with services
  • Keep you well so you can live your own life and stay out of hospital


We believe you have the right to be heard, to make genuinely informed choices and to have timely access to medical services.


Trapeze is made up of health care professionals who know how the health system works. We understand you are more than your condition so we will ask about the other aspects in your life like home, school, work, lifestyle choices and relationships, because these all have an impact on your health. 

We will try our best to understand your needs and we will listen to you. If you think we are not listening, you can tell us. It’s not easy to trust people so it is important for you to do your homework about us and find out as much as possible.


Trapeze adopts a whole person integrated care approach, keeping you at the centre of all we do. We offer comprehensive care coordination services that are practical, timely and relevant to your needs. 

At the heart of our work, Trapeze values first and foremost young people with chronic conditions. Young people participate and get involved in all aspects of the work at Trapeze. If you are interested in becoming a Trapeze Youth Representative, please email us on trapeze.schn@health.nsw.gov.au.